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Deceit Skill Tree May 2019


Start with a full ammo clip in your pistol
No choice here. Can't complain about extra bullets in your gun!

Mind Your Step

Get an outline on traps when stood near them in human form
I don't really love either of these parks, but I rarely hunt through the vents, so it seems like this is better.


Get a burst of movement speed when coming out of a vent
I don't hunt with the vents, so I would take Mind Your Step.

Bounce Back

Regenerate health slowly over time
No choice here. Its a pretty slow regen, and comes back 1hp at a time.

Turbo Trap

Place traps faster
Traps can be exploited/animation cancelled.

Sleight of Hand

Reload weapons faster
Fast Reload can help you win gunfights.

Rage Refund

Get a slice of Terror strength if someone you executed gets antidoted
Nice Perk, Amazing to be forced to get it.

Come Prepared

Spawn with 100% armour
Its a tough choice between this and Head Start.

Head Start

Each time you respawn you’ll have 25% armour.
Tough choice between this and Come Prepared.

Say Cheese

Cameras provide an extra flash
Weakest in this tier.


Transform in and out of Terror form quieter
>Can be nice, weak compared to Quiet Quencher.

Quiet Quencher

Make less noise when you’re drinking from blood bags
One of the best perks in the tree. Only reason to not have this is to troll friends with loud drinks.

Step Up

Other player’s footsteps are louder to you in Terror form
I might test this in casuals, but can't take it against Quiet Quencher.

Good Lighting

Cameras are 10% more effective against Terrors.
Take your pick here.


Increased trap trigger and blast radius.
Take your pick here.


Move 35% faster (decaying over 3 seconds) after downing Terrors
Weird perk, 35% is super fast though.


15% increased movement speed when in gas and when the exit is open
Speed boosts must be picked in almost every scenario.

Eye Spy

You can see nametags when close to people in the dark
Can be useful, but Panic is 5x better.


Deal 10% more damage from behind targets
Not worth it.

Bullet Time

Take 25% less damage in Terror form
Gotta beat those shotguns somehow.


Respawn faster when downed in Terror Form
Useless perk.


You are more likely to find more ammo when picking it up
You need bullets for literally everything in the game. More Bullets is More Better.


Consumable items on the floor are highlighted from further away
I don't think this works far enough away to be worth it.

Magnetic Mag

Bullets have a 20% chance of returning on hitting a target
With 100% accuracy, this might be better than Scavenger. With normal human aim, its better to just have more bullets.


Start the Game with Half a Slice of Terror Strength
Can be nice, weak compared to Acquired Taste.

Acquired Taste

After drinking a blood bag you will briefly be shown other available blood bags.
Great for finding blood at nighttime.

Life Leech

Get full Terror health when you execute someone
I think in most scenarios I'd rather lose my Terror health when I ate someone than gain it.


When looking at a taken blood bag you can see when it was drank by an infected
One of the best perks in the game.


If you’re involved in a vote that passes there is a chance that you will be told if they were infected. Only one person can be informed per passing vote.
Theoretically useable, but need to test to see what the % chance is on this.
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