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Deceit Skill Tree March 2019


Deal 10% more damage from behind targets
No choice here. Decent.


Get a burst of movement speed when coming out of a vent
Not a great perk. Blood Thirsty is way better.

Blood Thirsty

In Terror form move 10% faster when moving towards innocents that are carrying fuses.
The only choice here. Great perk for Yeti.

Good Lighting

Cameras are 10% more effective against Terrors.
Take your pick here.


Increased trap trigger and blast radius.
Take your pick here.


You are more likely to find more ammo when picking it up
No choice here. I wish it was more detailed.

Bullet Time

Take 25% less damage in Terror form
Usable in some other trees, doesn't compare to Locked on.


Respawn faster when downed in Terror Form
Useless perk.

Locked On

Your Terror sense highlights players with fuses that aren’t running
Really strong perk, best in this tier by far.

Come Prepared

Spawn with 100% armour
About even, but you get locked into Head Start by the tree.

Head Start

Each time you respawn you’ll have 25% armour.
No choice here, because of Locked on being so good. I think these are about even.


Start the Game with Half a Slice of Terror Strength
Can be nice, weak compared to Quiet Quencher.

Quiet Quencher

Make less noise when you’re drinking from blood bags
One of the best perks in the tree. Only reason to not have this is to troll friends with loud drinks.

Acquired Taste

After drinking a blood bag you will briefly be shown other available blood bags.
I like this perk, not as strong as QQ though.

Critical Thinking

Guns deal 25% extra damage when hitting targets in the head.
Locked into this due to Frisk, sort of useless.

Trust Issues

When you pull a lever it takes 5 seconds before the objective becomes active giving you time to get to it first
Literally the worst perk in the game. Noone should ever take this in any situation.


Levers that you’ve activated require more damage to disable.
Garbage perk, not quite as bad as Trust issues though.


You can see downed people’s items in their nametag
Very strong perk for both innocent and infected.

Eye Spy

You can see nametags when close to people in the dark
Can be useful, but frisk is 100x better.

Fun Sponge

You gain half a slice of Terror strength from each objective you deactivate
This or Every Last drop, personal choice.

Every Last Drop

If you respawn in human form you will lose only ½ a slice of Terror strength
This or Fun Sponge. Personal choice.

Rage Refund

Get a slice of Terror strength if someone you executed gets antidoted
Can't get this due to frisk, otherwise strong.

Say Cheese

Cameras provide an extra flash
Either or.

Turbo Trap

Place traps faster
Either or.

Weak Point

There is a 10% chance when damaging a lever that it becomes instantly deactivated
Interesting idea, but you can't lock yourself from Detective under any circumstances.

Slowly does it

Traps require you to be closer to them before they’re triggered
The tree forces me to take this one, I don't really love it..


After respawning in Terror form you can see the player that downed you for 5 seconds.
Could be useful if your tree will allow you to get here.


When downed, additional votes cast on you increase your respawn time by 4 seconds instead of 5
Contender for worst perk in the game, Trust issues is probably worse.


When looking at a taken blood bag you can see when it was drank by an infected
One of the best perks in the game. No one should take Blase over this ever.
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