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Deceit Skill Tree June 2019


Consumable items on the floor are highlighted from further away
No choice here. Being forced to take an actually useful perk is nice.

Mind Your Step

Get an outline on traps when stood near them in human form
There are times when this could be useful, but not many. Slowly does it is probably stronger here.

Slowly does it

Traps require you to be closer to them before they’re triggered
I don't like this perk very much, but its better than Mind Your Step.

Trust Issues

When you pull a lever it takes 5 seconds before the objective becomes active giving you time to get to it first


Increased trap trigger and blast radius
I would prefer Good Lighting, but Frisk is 100x better than Skedaddle so you have no choice here.

Good Lighting

Cameras are 10% more effective against Terrors
Good perk, but in an unchoosable position on the tree.


You can see downed people’s items in their nametag
Many reasons that this perk is great. Down people to see if they had anti and didn't use it. Down people to see if they have anti so you know to eat them.


Move 35% faster (decaying over 3 seconds) after downing Terrors
Junk perk up against the strong Frisk. Skip.

Rage Refund

Get a slice of Terror strength if someone you executed gets antidoted
Probably the better of the two here. In theory this is a useles perk because you should never eat someone who can be antidoted, but only needing 4 bags to refill is strong in 1v3 situations.


Respawn faster when downed in Terror Form
So few cases where this is useful. Skip.


15% increased movement speed when in gas and when the exit is open
Speed boosts must be picked in almost every scenario.

Acquired Taste

After drinking a blood bag you will briefly be shown other available blood bags.
Another perk dies the "in the same row as Quiet Quencher" death. Its doubly bad if you are looking at taking Sixth Sense

Quiet Quencher

Make less noise when you’re drinking from blood bags
Only reason to not have this perk active is to troll you friends with loud drinks.

Bounce Back

Regenerate health slowly over time
Unpickable because of Quiet Quencher

Critical Thinking

Guns deal 25% extra damage when hitting targets in the head.
I don't like this perk. It makes headshots 50 damage instead of 40. But the rest of my tree requires taking this.


Trackers last 50% less time on you
Pretty good perk, but the rest of the tree locks me out from taking it.


Start with a full ammo clip in your pistol
3 extra bullets will not win you the game.

Sleight of Hand

Reload weapons faster
Reloading faster wins gunfights. Winning gunfights wins you the game. Take this perk.


If you revive someone you can see their position for 15 seconds
I'm struggling to find a use case for this perk.

Come Prepared

Spawn with 100% armour
I really like this perk, but the lower tiers make this unpickable.

Fully Alert

At full blood when the lights are on you can see the innocents
Can't make the decision between these two. Fully alert is better for 'better players' probably.

Sixth Sense

At night all accessible blood bags are highlighted to you
This perk is great as well. Probably slightly fewer use cases than Fully Alert.

Last Laugh

When enraged and in Terror form you can see all innocents
Dumb perk to end already over games slightly faster. If you are enraged you have won, don't waste this row by taking this perk.

Bright Eyed

See slightly better in the dark without using light sources
In theory, you could adjust your gamma so that this perk is useless, but Please Sir feels so weird I'm not sure I'd pick it anyways.

Please Sir

After completing an objective you will briefly be shown the position of available levers to activate
This might be useful in the hunt for antidote at the start, but I'm leaning towards bright eyes.


Gain a burst of movement speed when coming out of a vent
For those agressive hunting vent terrors... (who does that?

Unsung Hero

You will be notified of who took an objective that you’ve activated
I take it back, this is probably the worst perk in the game. I guess it could be theoretically useful to a new player who was both blind and deaf...


Active objectives that are within 15 meters of you are waypointed, even if you didn’t help activate them
This is a great perk for the hunt for antidote, but it pales in comparison to Detective.


When looking at a taken blood bag you can see when it was drank by an infected
One of the best perks in the game. Take it in every scenario.
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