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Deceit Skill Tree April 2019


Deal 10% more damage from behind targets
It's nice to not have to make decisions sometimes.


Start the Game with Half a Slice of Terror Strength
Only having to drink twice to transform the first time is very strong.

Mind Your Step

Get an outline on traps when stood near them in human form
Less powerful than Appetiser but usable if you really want it.


Trackers last 50% less time on you
I would use this if I didn't want head start..


Levers that you’ve activated require more damage to disable.
Garbage perk, but I want Head start.

Magnetic Mag

Bullets have a 20% chance of returning on hitting a target
If your aim is as good as GuhRL's this perk is good, if you are a potato like me, its not.


You are more likely to find more ammo when picking it up
You need bullets for literally everything in the game. More Bullets is More Better.

Head Start

Each time you respawn you’ll have 25% armour.
Lets you take an extra bullet after respawning. This can be game winning.

Rage Refund

Get a slice of Terror strength if someone you executed gets antidoted
Don't like perks that you have to play "wrong" for them to be useful.


Respawn faster when downed in Terror Form
So few cases where this is useful, but we don't have a choice and Rage Refund isn't great.

Bright Eyed

See slightly better in the dark without using light sources
In theory, you could adjust your gamma so that this perk is useless...

Turbo Trap

Place traps faster
Instant trap exploit is bannable. Fight me.

Eye Spy

You can see nametags when close to people in the dark
Doesn't fit in my tree.

Slowly Does It

Traps require you to be closer to them before they’re triggered
The range difference on these perks is fairly significant.

Step Up

Other player's footsteps are louder to you in Terror form
Does anyone actually track people by footsteps in terror form?


Move 10% faster in the dark
Movement speed perks should be taken over all others in 99% of situations.

Bounce Back

Regenerate health slowly over time
Decent Perk, but unpickable against Adrenaline.


You can see downed people’s items in their nametag
Many reasons that this perk is great. Down people to see if they had anti and didn't use it. Down people to see if they have anti so you know to eat them.


Move 35% faster (decaying over 3 seconds) after downing Terrors
Junk perk up against the strong Frisk. Skip.

Say Cheese

Cameras provide an extra flash
Nowhere near as good as Frisk.

Second Chance

When antidoting someone, nearby Terrors will become downed
This perk is buggy, and unpickable against Frisk.

Fully Alert

At full blood when the lights are on you can see the innocents
Can't pick Sixth Sense because of Frisk, both are good.

Sixth Sense

At night all accessible blood bags are highlighted to you
This perk is great as well. Probably slightly fewer use cases than Fully Alert.

Sleight of Hand

Reload weapons faster
Reloading faster wins gunfights. Winning gunfights wins you the game. Take this perk. (Also you have to!)

Quiet Quencher

Make less noise when you’re drinking from blood bags
One of the best perks in the tree. Only reason to not have this is to troll friends with loud drinks. The other two perks on this level are garbage.


After respawning in Terror form you can see the player that downed you for 5 seconds.
Could be useful if your tree will allow you to get here.

Life Leech

Get full Terror health when you execute someone
I think in most scenarios I'd rather lose my Terror health when I ate someone than gain it.


If you’re involved in a vote that passes there is a chance that you will be told if they were infected. Only one person can be informed per passing vote.
Honestly, I might not even activate this perk, just so someone else in my group can have a chance of seeing it work.


Active objectives that are within 15 meters of you are waypointed, even if you didn’t help activate them
This is a great perk for the hunt for antidote, but unpickable because of previous row.
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Shoutout to Osyruu for hooking me up with the perks for this month.