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Deceit Skill Tree July 2019


Consumable items on the floor are highlighted from further away
No choice here. Being forced to take an actually useful perk is nice.


Transform in and out of Terror form quieter
Going to have to play with this and see how the volume change actually works out. Appetiser is probably stronger without Quiet Quencher being available.


Start the Game with Half a Slice of Terror Strength
Without Quiet Quencher only needing to drink two blood bags in the day can be nice.

Step Up

Other player's footsteps are louder to you in Terror form
Unpickable because it prevents you from taking Adrenaline.


Move 10% faster in the dark
Movement speed perks should be taken over all others in 99% of situations.

Bounce Back

Regenerate health slowly over time
Decent Perk, but unpickable against Adrenaline.


You are more likely to find more ammo when picking it up
You need bullets for literally everything in the game. More Bullets is More Better.

Every Last Drop

If you respawn in human form you will lose only ½ a slice of Terror strength
This perk can be nice without Quiet Quencher being in the tree.

Sixth Sense

At night all accessible blood bags are highlighted to you
I like this perk, but this is mostly because of how I want the rest of the tree to go.


Increased melee damage with the knife
Need to experiment with this to see how much of a buff it is.

Magnetic Mag

Bullets have a 20% chance of returning on hitting a target
Backstabber and this perk are probably both equally useful. I picked backstabber.


Deal 10% more damage from behind targets
Magnetic Mag might be better, Or maybe slasher is better. I picked this for now though.

Mind Your Step

Get an outline on traps when stood near them in human form
I find traps on the ground to be fairly obvious, so this perk has little value.

Slowly does it

Traps require you to be closer to them before they’re triggered
The range difference on these perks is fairly significant.


Trackers last 50% less time on you
I pick this because I want Come Prepared and I have no other choice..


Increased trap trigger and blast radius
If you didn't want Come Prepared, this is probably pickable.

Come Prepared

Spawn with 100% armour
Games can be won or lost in the first area, and theres a chance you have not found armor yet. I will pick this over Head Start in 99% of cases.

Turbo Trap

Place traps faster
Not as strong as Come Prepsared or Head Start.

Head Start

Each time you respawn you’ll have 25% armour.
Lets you take an extra bullet after respawning (maybe). I prefer Come Prepared.

Fun Sponge

You gain half a slice of Terror strength from each objective you deactivate
Can be nice to help you get to that extra transform.

Rage Refund

Get a slice of Terror strength if someone you executed gets antidoted
Don't like perks that you have to play "wrong" for them to be useful.

Say Cheese

Cameras provide an extra flash
Nice perk, can't get to the movement speed perk by taking it though.

Second Chance

When antidoting someone, nearby Terrors will become downed
Need to take this to get to Blood Thirsty.

Bright Eyed

See slightly better in the dark without using light sources
In theory, you could adjust your gamma so that this perk is useless...


Gain a burst of movement speed when coming out of a vent
For those agressive hunting vent terrors... (who does that?)

Blood Thirsty

In Terror form move 10% faster when moving towards innocents that are carrying fuses.
Movement speed perks are better than non movement speed perks.


When downed, additional votes cast on you increase your respawn time by 4 seconds instead of 5
Contender for worst perk in the game, Trust issues is probably worse.


Active objectives that are within 15 meters of you are waypointed, even if you didn’t help activate them
This is a great perk for the hunt for antidote.

Unsung Hero

You will be notified of who took an objective that you’ve activated
I take it back, this is probably the worst perk in the game. I guess it could be theoretically useful to a new player who was both blind and deaf...
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